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Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5, Milano, Turro - Info e prenotazioni 02.36642370
Via Leone Tolstoi 1, (Piazza Berlinguer), Milano - Info e prenotazioni 02.4221200
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Piazzale Governo Provvisorio, 5 – Milano
Tel: +39 02 36642370

Located in the center of NoLo, North of Loreto, an increasingly avant-garde neighborhood where for some years now you can breathe a young and fresh atmosphere, which has become a real gem of Milan. It is now a real “Social District”, where you get to know each other, exchange information, help each other. An engaging initiative that allows you to create an active and collective community, from which solid bonds are born. Within this innovative neighborhood, you will find us at Mi Casa in the center of a small square that we like so much because it conveys the feeling of a meeting point, quiet, where you can escape the hectic life.

We feel part of the community and we share its values: the bond with our customers is at the center of our attention. We love to call ourselves a Big Family, which takes care of those who are part of it: you will always find us here for you, ready to make you happy.


Via Leone Tolstoi, 1(Piazza Berlinguer) – Milano
Tel: +39 02 4221200

We are located in southern Milan, a stone’s throw from the Navigli. In the midst of Milanese life, however, you will also find a large pedestrian square, a little quieter, where we are in the center.
It is also a suitable place for your children, who will be free to wander around and have fun without worry.
Here you can breathe the scent of sandwich bread: the ideal place for Sunday lunch, for a snack with the family or for a dinner with friends. But always feeling good at home.

​Come, we are already waiting for you! 

Mi Casa Tosteria s.r.l. © 2020 P.IVA 08045330969​
Locale di Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5, Milano, Zona Turro – Info e prenotazioni: 02/3664.2370.
Locale di Via Leone Tolstoi 1, (Piazza Berlinguer), Milano, Zona P.zza Napoli – Info e prenotazioni: 02/422.12.00.
Sede legale-amministrativa Via Asiago 59 – 20128 Milano – Tel: 02/3650.7629.


Si avvisa la gentile clientela che le nostre sedi resteranno chiuse nei seguenti giorni per varie festività:
Mercoledì 1 Novembre 2023
Giovedì 7 e Venerdì 8 Dicembre 2023
Domenica 24, Lunedì 25 e Martedì 26 Dicembre 2023
Domenica 31 Dicembre 2023
Lunedì 1 e Martedì 2 Gennaio 2024
Sabato 6 Gennaio 2024

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