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Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5, Milano, Turro - Info e prenotazioni 02.36642370
Via Leone Tolstoi 1, (Piazza Berlinguer), Milano - Info e prenotazioni 02.4221200
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find a tradition

We like to call ourselves the first toaster in Milan, because before us there was no place dedicated to toast. We decided to focus on the product that par excellence recalls the tradition of the home and the family, the one we ate for a snack once back from school!
So we took the classic “cooked and cheese” toast and freed it from the film, preparing it on the spot. You will therefore find it in many variations, sweet and savory, but also organic, vegan and gluten-free, because we want to please everyone.

You just have to do one simple thing: enter here with us!

You will discover a large family that takes care of their guests, in an environment reminiscent of home.

the first toasteria in milan

why mi casa?

Because we want you to feel as good as at home, like when you invite friends for a “family dinner”.
Here you will find a warm atmosphere, a smile that welcomes you and, last but not least, a genuine product that recalls traditional cuisine.

And we like music here, so you will find yourself eating a retro-flavored toast under the notes of the great classics of Italian music.

not only toast

But also appetizers, first courses, savory slices of bread, side dishes, salads, soups. And then juices, centrifuges, tea and juices, soft drinks, beers, wine, cocktails and aperitifs!

We’re back, tougher than before!

our shop

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Locale di Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5, Milano, Zona Turro – Info e prenotazioni: 02/3664.2370.
Locale di Via Leone Tolstoi 1, (Piazza Berlinguer), Milano, Zona P.zza Napoli – Info e prenotazioni: 02/422.12.00.
Sede legale-amministrativa Via Asiago 59 – 20128 Milano – Tel: 02/3650.7629.


Si avvisa la gentile clientela che le nostre sedi resteranno chiuse nei seguenti giorni per varie festività:
Mercoledì 1 Novembre 2023
Giovedì 7 e Venerdì 8 Dicembre 2023
Domenica 24, Lunedì 25 e Martedì 26 Dicembre 2023
Domenica 31 Dicembre 2023
Lunedì 1 e Martedì 2 Gennaio 2024
Sabato 6 Gennaio 2024

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