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Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5, Milano, Turro - Info e prenotazioni 02.36642370
Via Leone Tolstoi 1, (Piazza Berlinguer), Milano - Info e prenotazioni 02.4221200
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100% italian products

Artisan Bread Baked every morning

We are constantly looking for quality products, made in Italy, to provide our guests with the certainty of eating healthy, light, tasty and genuine dishes. This is why we rely on our trusted baker, the prestiné as they say in Milan, who bakes fresh bread every day, to guarantee you the best.

Every morning you will find “the bread of the day”, always different, designed especially for you.

our menus

Everything starts simply with the bread,
because fresh bread makes all thedifference!

Slice of bread of the month, appetizer, toast gourmet, classic, first courses, large salads, soups…….

Fillings with artisanal creams, organic jams, sweeties, cakes, icecreams…….

Brioches, brunch, centrifuges, evreything to finish better the morning and start a good afternoon…..

appetizer, charcuterie boards, cocktails, the best way to finish a working day in total relax ….

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Locale di Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5, Milano, Zona Turro – Info e prenotazioni: 02/3664.2370.
Locale di Via Leone Tolstoi 1, (Piazza Berlinguer), Milano, Zona P.zza Napoli – Info e prenotazioni: 02/422.12.00.
Sede legale-amministrativa Via Asiago 59 – 20128 Milano – Tel: 02/3650.7629.


Si avvisa la gentile clientela che le nostre sedi resteranno chiuse nei seguenti giorni per varie festività:
Mercoledì 1 Novembre 2023
Giovedì 7 e Venerdì 8 Dicembre 2023
Domenica 24, Lunedì 25 e Martedì 26 Dicembre 2023
Domenica 31 Dicembre 2023
Lunedì 1 e Martedì 2 Gennaio 2024
Sabato 6 Gennaio 2024

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